Shaft Driving Mower SY507SC V

Instead of belt-drive ones, we improved the mower to shaft-drive in a sense of more powerful and more durable due to the material loss and decay of the original belt. Another advantage is we eliminated the possibility of the “fall off” of the belt which waste a lot of time for both you and whoever repair the machine. Stronger power is another advantage of the shaft-drive mower, the mower is able to transmit power at a much higher efficiency as the belt-driven often lose energy of either friction or slip.



The large professional displacement (196cc) biaxial engine output had added surging power.
Central control box brings you comfortable operating experience and more convenience too.
The fantastic design of the steel inner and outer skirt well protects the blade under any severe working condition besides the patented, more durable, and reliable axis.
Patented cardan axis, more durable and reliable.
The professional multi-gear transmission box and all-metal gear parts inside ensure the sustainable and stableperformance in lots of complex situations. It suits various arduous commercial working settings.


Model SY507SC V
service code 507VC020B1800
steel/aluminium Steel
power IP70FA
surface up to(m2) 4000-1000
cutting width(mm) 492
driving speed(m/s) 0.8-1.0-1.2
driving lever -
grasscatcher capacity(L) 60
N()cutting positions up() to () mm 8/25-70
wheel diameter 8"/9"
mulch(*kit mulching upon request)  
net weight(kgs) 41
packaging dimensions(LxWxH)mm 980x570x510

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